Christmas in the Mountains

Gatlinburg Project to benefit Dolly Parton's "My People Fund"

“Christmas in the Mountains” was originally written as a recital piece for a 9-year-old piano student, almost two months before wildfires struck Tennessee in November, 2016. On November 30, when we were just beginning to grasp the extent of damage and loss of life in Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas, I asked the student if he would like to offer the piece I wrote for him for sale in order to raise money for the rebuilding effort in Gatlinburg. He wholeheartedly agreed that this was a good idea. When I made our plan known to the other students and parents in my piano studio, several students offered to draw illustrations for the project. Within a day, my dear friend, Cece Bell, award-winning children's author and illustrator, agreed to create the beautiful art you see on the cover as well as the companion coloring sheet. My brother, Andy, a writer and producer on Grey's Anatomy and a talented musician in his own right, offered to write lyrics. I think the spirit with which I had hoped to offer this song is perfectly captured by both Andy's poignant yet hopeful words, as well as Cece's heartfelt and warm illustration. Thank you for purchasing this song bundle. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Dolly Parton's “My People Fund," which is offering direct aid to families who lost their homes and loved ones in the Tennessee wildfires.

-Sarah Reaser O'Brien December 4, 2016 

To order "Christmas in the Mountains" please use the PayPal link below. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive your digital sheet music and art via the email address supplied during payment. If you do not receive your sheet music within 24 hours, please contact Sarah Reaser O'Brien at for assistance.
Here is our story reported by Rachel Lucas of WSLS Channel 10 in Roanoke, Virginia.