Repetition in Key!

Published: Oct 31, 2019  |   Category: Practice Tips

It's not a myth that repeating a new skill makes you better at that skill. When your child is learning a new piece of music, or even just a small passage of it, repetition is key.

This is real science. The more we repeat a process, the easier that process becomes. During lessons, I'm talking to students about "laying down myelin" in their nervous system. The illustration I use is this: Imagine learning to play something new in this way: you are standing on one sid
e of a river and you need to build a bridge to get to the other side of the river. Every time you practice the new skill, you are building the bridge.

Once you have the bridge, you need to reinforce it so that it's not wobbly and weak. The only way to make it a strong bridge is to REPEAT the new skill over and over. Every repetition adds reinforcement and strength to the bridge. Eventually, you are able to speed across the bridge almost effortlessly knowing it is strong and secure.

In scientific terms (interpreted by a musician), the bridge represents a neuro-pathway, and the reinforcement represents myelin - a substance that wraps around this neuro-pathway with every repetition of the new skill. In a nutshell: REPETITION IS KEY. That's why daily practice is so important and helpful.

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